About Us

As Vietnam’s economy is contantly growing, most childrens and young adults of the country are raised up with better living conditions, more adequate and comfortable. Most of wealthy families would be able to afford and send their childrens oversea at the middle childhood stage for a better education. Not exaggerated but it is fair enough. Howerver, eventually it becomes a main concern to the parents whenever their childrens face with independent issues, limitations, difficulties and challenges. As an international education agency, MT totally understands this problem and would like to help the parents by offering a wide range of services; especially including providing a profoundly fundamental guidance of living and studying abroad to their childrens and also to them. In our programs, our students will not only focus on studying but also have an opportunity to focus on personal development by participating in community works, picnics and sports, and leadership skills. Living in a developed infrastructure and a dynamic environment will crucially support them with future training.

Beside that, MT is also interested in the demand of learning and development of each individual employee and businesses, whose desire to equip theirselves with higher skills and an access to gain knowledge from developed countries. With our special training in foreign environment (study abroad), you will be enable to master your capacity with practical experiences in order to improve your career and your english knowledge. Your success is our pride!

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