Tuition relief and Updates for COVID-19 from International House and KAPLAN Business School Australia

Tuition relief and Updates for COVID-19 from International House and KAPLAN Business School Australia

From International House Australia

“With positive news this week regarding the flattening of the COVID-19 curve, we are now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  We anticipate student jobs to return soon and regular flights to resume in the next 3-4 months.  If this occurs, we will have weathered the worst of the storm and our businesses will begin to grow again. 

Moving nearly 3,000 students to online delivery, in less than 10 days, is an amazing undertaking.  Since this crisis began, we have been working daily to improve our online delivery.  While it is impossible to please everyone, we have communicated directly with you regarding any complaint, and we appreciate your continued support in resolving these situations.

Our May 2020 ihBC term will continue to be taught online, and we are hopeful that we can return to classroom training of ihBC for the July term.  We anticipate teaching our ELICOS and TT classes in the campuses in late May or June, depending on announcements from Government.

We are pleased to share that due to the success of our Darwin location, we will be adding 10 additional classrooms in late June, more than doubling our student capacity.  Our plans for the International House Gold Coast location are forging ahead, and we anticipate opening later this year.”

From KAPLAN Business School Australia

“The results of our most recent student survey revealed a majority of our students have either had their employment terminated or their working hours reduced as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. We’re therefore acutely aware that some of our students might be experiencing financial distress. Our Academic Dean recently announced, via this video, that we were working on a number of financial hardship measures to support students during this challenging period.

Thank you for your patience as we finalised the complex details of these measures, which I can now announce are valued at a total of $5 million and are summarised as follows:

Temporary Tuition Relief

For Trimester 2, 2020, we will reduce total tuition fees by $750, which equates to a reduction of approximately 10% per student.

Importantly, we are of course mindful of our agent commission commitments which is why this measure will be implemented in a way that does not reduce your commission payments.

Financial Hardship Fund

We’ve set up a financial hardship fund that contains $1.5 million, funded in part by voluntary reductions in Kaplan Australia executives’ salaries, for Kaplan Business School students most in need. 1,200 students will be eligible for a $500 Visa Gift Card and further tuition relief of $750 for Trimester 2, 2020.

Waiving of Administration Fees

For Trimester 2, 2020, we will waive key administrative fees for re-enrolling students. These include the Recognition of Prior Learning fee ($260) and the Application for Re-Mark fee ($250).

There are terms and conditions associated with these financial measures, and all current and prospective students are being advised directly of the initiative and referred to a set of Frequently Asked Questions that comprehensively outline if they are eligible.

We also understand our students’ need for support extends beyond financial considerations. They have been reminded to contact our many support services and to revisit the extensive non-financial support we’ve already announced, such as the information on the flexible way in which their grades will be treated if they do not pass one or more of their subjects this trimester.

We trust these measures will go some way in alleviating the financial distress some of our students are experiencing so they can continue their studies with the confidence and relaxed mindset they deserve.

We believe this is a further demonstration of the commitment of Kaplan Business School to the academic and personal well-being of our students. We hope it also provides you, our agent, with a similar level of confidence. The students you support by sending to Kaplan Business School not only receive outstanding academic and graduate outcomes but also an outstanding and caring student experience. For example, in the Australian government’s most recent Student Experience Survey, Kaplan Business School was ranked in the Top 24% of all providers nationally on the all-important metric of “overall quality of educational experience”, outranking every public university in this country.”